The smartwatt service includes the Gateway and the ‘smart’ devices. More specifically:

The Gateway is the ‘controlling centre’ of all the ‘smart’ devices of smartwatt. With the Gateway you can connect all your appliances to your mobile phone through the application that we provide for free. For example, you can turn on the lights, turn off the water heater, switch off the coffee maker, monitor the motion or humidity level at the selected home, protect from any water leakage!

In order to use any ‘smart’ device it is necessary to have connected the Gateway to the internet of your home and installed the application that we offer for free on your mobile phone (iOS devices, iphone 5s or later and version iOS 8.0 or later and Android devices version 4.0 or later).

At present, the ‘smart’ devices that are compatible with the Gateway are:

  • Smart socket
  • Smart relay switch
  • Smart lightbulb + Smart (color) bulb light RGBW 
  • Motion sensor
  • Door-window sensor
  • Water leakage and temperature sensor
  • Humidity and temperature sensor