Water leakage and temperature sensor

With the Water Leakage and Humidity Sensors you can prevent damages!

  • Do you shudder at the thought of a flooding in your house after a sudden storm?
  • Are you afraid that some pipe might break or the electric water heater has a leakage and your house might be full of water while you are away? With the smartwatt service rest assured because you can instantly receive notifications about an increase of humidity, possible flooding or overflowing in your venue.
Technical specifications: 

Power: 3V

Operating Temperature: 0° to 40°C

Battery: CR-2


Life-cycle of the battery: up to 2 years

Temperature: -20° to 50°C

Humidity Range: 0 to 90% RH


Download the manual.

With the combined power of smartwatt and the Leakage Sensor, you can receive notifications for any leaking pipes, leaking water heater or any other appliance you choose, and avoid potential flooding or any other bad surprises.

  • Check if there are any ruptured pipes in spots you don’t often visit (such as the attic or basement)!
  • Are you asleep or away from home while there’s a downpour? Install a sensor in your entrance and you no longer have to worry about your home or business flooding!
starting price: 64,99 €
price for WATT+VOLT clients: 51,99 €
Prices include VAT 24%
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Delivery time: 
2-5 days