Smart light bulb

The smart light bulb that is adapted to your daily routine!

- Do you ever wonder whether you have left the lights on at home, while you are away?

- Feeling too tired to check if you have turned off all the lights in your house?

- Would you like to find a relaxing and cozy atmosphere when you go back home?

-Or even better, wouldn’t you prefer your light bulb to turn off automatically at a certain time and notify you that it’s time to put the children in bed?

You can do all of the above only by touching your screen!

With the new smartwatt service and the ‘smart’ light bulb you can very easily adjust the lights in your house any time you like.

With the combined power of smartwatt and the “smart” Lightbulb, you can very easily control your house lights at any moment and in any way you want.

  • Switch your front door or interior lights on and off at your convenience from your mobile phone, and avoid unnecessary charges on your bill!
  • Turn your house lights on and off while you’re away, so others will think you’re still inside!
  • Make your own schedule and arrange the lights to be switched on at any time of day you choose!
  • Switch the lamps in your space on and off or increase and decrease their intensity without having to leave the couch!
  • Combine the Smart Lightbulb with a motion sensor. This way, when you return home with your hands full of groceries, the lightbulb will be automatically switched on when the sensor detects motion!
starting price: 39,99 €
price for WATT+VOLT clients: 31,99 €
Prices include VAT 24%
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